At present the CMVO operates from a very small office in Pretoria which is manned by a few volunteers who make use of the bare neccessities to provide a much needed service to the military veterans who belong to the recognised military veterans organizations affiliated to the CMVO, and even also to those military veterans who have not yet joined any of these recognised military veterans organizations.

Al members of the old Permanent Force, Citizen Force, Commandos and former National Servicemen who served in the Union Defence Force and SADF can become members of these recognised military veterans organizations.

The CMVO liaises on behalf of these military veterans with the Department of Military Veterans and SANMVA and also assists these military veterans with queries and follow ups because many of the recognised military veterans organizations do not have the capacity or resources to assist its own members with these services.That is why the CMVO plans to extend its footprint all over the country so that it can serve these military veterans more conveniently in close proximity where they live but it cannot do it without the required financial support, infrastructure and resources.

If you want to support the CMVO in whatever way it will be sincerely appreciated, and you can deposit your financial contributions into the following bank account:

Account name: CMVO
Account number: 1920 1010 98
Branch code: 192005
Bank: Nedbank Limited
Reference: Donation/Your name

The CMVO is a Non Profit Company which is also registered as a PBO which can make your donation to it tax deductible. For more information on this you can contact us at and if you want to assist the CMVO in rendering these services in your area to its military veterans you are welcome to mail us at this address too.